Kale Pesto and Fried Egg Toast

TIME 5 min
Our go-to green sauce makes a full-on balanced meal out of toast. The kale and pepita seeds in the pesto pump up the flavor and health factor and the egg adds a protein boost. Our favorite thing about this dish? We’re happy to eat it for any meal or as a substantial snack.


  • Do Anything Kale Pesto
  • Sliced bread
  • 1 Egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Optional: Add some extra veggies, such as tomato or sliced avocado, for a more substantial toast


  1. Toast a slice of bread
  2. Fry an egg the way you like it (here’s a great guide to the perfect fried egg)
  3. Smear toast with thick layer of Do Anything Kale Pesto.
  4. Add egg to toast, season with salt & pepper, serve.