Why We're Here

We created Do Anything Foods™ so you can do anything —at least when it comes to mealtime.

Whether you’re crowding around delivery containers, last night’s leftovers, or your own homemade masterpiece, there’s something reassuring about sharing a meal with family, no matter how you do it. But we know that it’s often easier said than done.


We believe a feel-good and healthy meal should always be within reach. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite standing over the kitchen sink, a lingering brunch with friends, or a weeknight family dinner with the kiddos, we’ve got you. With Do Anything Foods™, we set out to create incredibly versatile, veggie-rich sauces that make meals with real food for real life. Most good home cooks will tell you: the secret’s in the sauce.


For us, quality is queen. Our sauces are chock full of Organic, non-GMO vegetables and seeds, fresh roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil. We do the heavy lifting and the ‘slow fooding’ so you can get to everything else on the list – for our sauces, this means things like slow roasting garlic and sourcing, chopping and stewing tomatoes. We use HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) which uses pressure instead of heat to pasteurize, maintaining the vibrant flavor and retaining the nutritional content of all those veggies.


We believe in straightforward transparency. And we take pride in our healthy obsession with sustainably-sourced, fresh ingredients and colorful small-batch recipes. Whereever we can, we source "ugly" produce; vegetables that would otherwise go to waste just because they're not the prettiest of the bunch. We’re on a mission to help get you fed well and do what’s best for our planet, too.


If you've got it, share it. The idea for Do Anything Foods™ was born out of our passion for healthy, delicious and fun meals. We're a female-founded team of passionate home cooks, with strong opinions about the quality of our ingredients and a belief that mealtime should be fun. While we certainly haven't gotten it all figured out, we're here to share what we do. With so many families grappling with advice overload and struggling to incorporate mindful eating and family time into the chaos of everyday, we realized it was time to bring our sauces to more tables. We built this business with the mission of expanding palates and bringing families together.