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Dear Friends, Supporters & Partners

We have some big news to share.

We started our company, Haven Row, back in 2016. Even then, we had a set a clear mission to help families get delicious, veggie-rich meals on the table in a snap. Since our launch we’ve been rewarded with such amazing support and feedback for our 'Do Anything Sauces' and we’ve seen this smart and healthy shortcut inspire and empower our consumers to make great meals at home and incorporate real food into their lives.

We think it's about time to think bigger and really revolutionize what the new “fresh convenience” looks like. That means developing unique and thoughtful products; it's about listening to our consumers and offering products that solve their challenges; it's about helping the food industry transform.

In that vein, are excited to announce that we are moving on from Haven Row, and will be calling ourselves Do Anything Foods. This move will allow us to create an entire platform of delicious, fresh, plant-based shortcuts in the kitchen so we can work on getting healthy meals to more tables across the country.  With that goal in mind, we are also very proud to announce the launch of this new website. 

Our new website is full of amazing ideas and inspiration for you, our wonderful consumers, with thoughts on how to use our products, and inspiration for daily meals. It will also serve us as a hub of innovation for future sauces and products. More importantly, we are shipping nationwide so we can get our delicious products into more hands quickly (we’re looking at you West Coast!).

As a growing brand we are 100% committed to finding ways to scale our big ideas and solve the everyday dilemma many families face as they try to incorporate healthy eating into their daily lives. We are very proud of our accomplishments and validation from our consumers, retailers and the industry at large over the last several months and we’re ready for the challenge ahead.

We can’t thank you enough for being early supporters in what we stand for and know that we couldn’t have made it this far without the help!  We’re excited to bring you along on the next chapter of growth and continue our mission to make real, organic, healthy food accessible so that “a feel good meal is always within reach”. Make sure you follow along here, and on our social feeds

With real food and much love,

Allie + Monica xo